Westport Airport was founded in 1946.  Back then, Westport was just a few run-down hangars and a landing strip situated in the middle of pasture land on the homestead of Earl V Long II.  Cows commonly grazed there.  To scare off any bovine traffic, it was standard procedure to do a low pass over the runway. 
Late one afternoon, a plane landing, forgoing the low
pass and struck a cow - hitting it in the back of the head.  The pilot, not knowing he hit the cow went about his
business.  Several days later, the cow was discovered - dead.  Friends prodded Van about Westport being a "Dead Cow" Airport.  Just when the ribbing had died down, a stillborn calf was found on the property.  That was all it took for Van's friends to start the teasing again, then
becoming "Dead Calf" Airport.
More recently, the name has been upgraded to "Dead Cow International" Airport to reflect the global character of the establishment.   
And now, the third generation's story lives on...

2558 S. Kessler, Wichita, KS 67217
1-800-943-3587    316/943-5510    Fax 316/943-8047